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Jocelyn [userpic]
Our Points System
by Jocelyn (anothertwoam)
at July 9th, 2005 (01:08 am)

Voting on Applications, 5 points: This is easy enough to explain. If you vote on an application, you get 5 points, no matter what your vote was. Easy way to earn points, I think.

Recruiting, 20 points + 5 if stamped: The application now has a spot at the top for applicants to tell us how they found the community. If an applicant puts your username there, you get 20 points. Additionally, if they are accepted into the community, you get another 5 points.

Promoting, 15 points: Each time you promote, you get 15 points. To make things fair (since not everyone can use crossposting software), it's a square 15 points whether you promote one place or one hundred. There may be changes to this, but for now, it's 15 points even.

Making a Banner, 10 points each: For each accepted/rejected or promotional banner you make for beyondlooks, you will recieve 10 points. So, if you made one of each, you'd get 30 points.

Participating in the Theme, 5 points: When either one of the mods posts a new theme, participate in it, and you will recieve 5 points.

**coming soon**

Contests: Our upcoming bi-weekly contests will give you something to do, and a way to earn up to 30 points!

Monthly Debate: Starting in August, the community will hold a monthly debate. Participation in this will reward you with 5 poits.

Birthdays and Anniversaries, oh my!: Just to be nice, if you have a birthday or anniversary, there will be a post you can comment on to add it to our list. On that day, you will be given 15 points!

Want to see how many points you have? Click here!

Jocelyn [userpic]
Member Points
by Jocelyn (anothertwoam)
at July 9th, 2005 (01:04 am)

Here are points standings, listed in alphabetical order. Points will be updated on the Friday of each week, so don't fret if you promote and don't see your points go up immediately. If you think there has been a mistake, please don't hesitate to let us know!


Want more points? Click here to find out how to get them!

Jocelyn [userpic]
Accepted/Rejected Banners
by Jocelyn (anothertwoam)
at July 3rd, 2005 (12:37 am)

These banners can ONLY be used by mods to stamp applicants. Use of these banners by any other community member will result in immediate banning from the community. You may take any of these to put on your userinfo, however, to show that you've been accepted here :) As with the promotion banners, if you'd like to contribute banners, please email them to either anothertwoam or renthead006. Full credit will be given.

Accepted BannersCollapse )Rejected BannersCollapse )

Jocelyn [userpic]
Promotion Banners!
by Jocelyn (anothertwoam)
at July 3rd, 2005 (12:29 am)

If you'd like to promote beyondlooks, please feel free to use any of the banners below. They are all uploaded onto the same photobucket account, so you are free to hotlink them -- just PLEASE, PLEASE do not promote in any other place besides your own journal or a community that allows promotions. I'm sure we don't want our community deleted for spam, right? Right. If you'd like to contribute a banner, please email it to either Samantha (renthead006) or Jocelyn (anothertwoam). Full credit will be given :)

Click here to see the bannersCollapse )

Jocelyn [userpic]
So, you wanna be a sister community?
by Jocelyn (anothertwoam)
at June 29th, 2005 (01:03 am)

If you have a community and would like to be sisters/affiliates with beyondlooks, you've come to the right post. We prefer that your community be based around inner beauty/personality rating, and also that it is a positive community. If you have another community that is not inner beauty/personality rating, but would still like to be sisters/affiliates, try out -- so long as your community is not looks-based or negative.

To apply to be a sister/affiliate community (and believe me, you'll definitely be accepted, this just makes things easier on us), fill out the form below and put it into a comment on this post :D

Community Name & Link:
Moderators: (usernames, please)
Description of Community:

You MUST link our community on the info page of your community. We link you, therefore it is only fair for you to link us back in a visible place.

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